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Why Buy Life Insurance?

Quite Simply To Protect The Lifestyle Of The Ones You Love.

If a family loses an income provider, how much will it affect your spouse or children? Will the surviving spouse need to get a second job to provide for your family? Will your child get to go to the college of their choice? Will they live the lifestyle they deserve?

Term life insurance has a low cost, but is priceless when a family has needs to be met. Be there for them. Even if you're not.

How Do I Buy Life Insurance?

We Make Purchasing Life Insurance An Easy and Non-intimidating Task.

We're here to answer your questions, make sure you have the right amount, and be there every step of the way. Generally there are 3 steps in purchasing a life insurance policy:

1. Complete An Application

You can do this online by selecting a quote above, or by calling a licensed agent at 800-383-6590. Many have better results when they speak to an agent. An agent can answer questions and make sure you have the best insurance company for your health status

2. Underwriting

The insurance company will check your health status. Depending on the insurance company or plan you select, this may or may not include a physical exam. If you do not want to complete a physical exam, we can choose a plan where no exam is required.

3. Final Decision

Once the underwriting is completed, you still have the opportunity of increasing or decreasing your benefit amount, changing term length, or changing other aspects of your policy. We can discuss what aspects you may want to change and help you along the way.

Life Insurance Tips

- Life insurance has a lower premium the younger you are. The longer you wait, the more the price increases.
- Rates are guaranteed the length of the term you select.
- You can increase or decrease coverage as your needs change, dependent on health status.
- Employer life insurance typically costs more than a private individual life insurance policy.
- Employer life insurance typically cancels once you are no longer employed.