Listen to an Interview with Jeff Stein of KXEL concerning Medicare-For-All, public option, rising health care costs, and the new 3 year plans available in October.

Iowa Insurance Commissioner states "ACA individual health insurance market has become unaffordable..." All new lower priced 3 year Non-ACA plans with essential benefits will be offered! Contact us for more info!

Iowa has been the center of attention when it comes to healthcare reform. Many proposals, including Medicare for All, a public option, or a Medicare buy-in would drastically change the way our healthcare system works. Not only do many Iowans rely on private or employer health plans, but Iowa also has a low Medicare reimbursement rate that serves as a continued challenge within the state.

A new study covered by the Cedar Rapids Gazette highlights the impact of what one of these one-size-fits-all proposals would look like in Iowa. A public option proposal has been touted as an alternative to single-payer health care, but new challenges would arise within Iowa's healthcare system.

The Partnership for America's Healthcare Future published this study completed by Navigant, which determined that 52 of Iowa's 90 rural hospitals will be at a "high risk of closure" under a public option plan.

Wellmark Requests 0% Rate Increase on Pre-Affordable Care Act Plans in 2020


Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield has requested a 0% rate increase for the Pre-Affordable Care Act Grandfathered plans. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act longer no allows these plans to be purchased. However, those one them experience substantially lower premiums compared to the Affordable Care Act plans when not receiving a tax-credit subsidy. Please be aware, that these plans may still have an age based rate increase.

Medica Files For Rate DECREASE

No, that was not a typo. Medica has filed for an average 11% decrease in their 2020 ACA premiums.

The IRS has allowed additional preventative care benefits for HSA participants to be covered without requiring them to meet a deductible.

Wellmark Files for 2020 Rate Increases

Wellmark has filed a proposed January 1st 2020 rate increase with the Iowa Insurance Division due to additional Affordable Care Act taxes, more significant health conditions, and increased prescription use.

The House of Representatives voted 419-6 to pass H.R.748, the Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019. This bill would repeal the 40% excise tax on health insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act that is scheduled to take place in 2022.

Per President Trump's Executive Order, the US Departments of Health & Human Services, Labor & Treasury has issued new policy allowing greater access to HRA's. This allows a small-business and self-employed to deduct healthcare expenses.

A public hearing has been scheduled for Wellmark's requested rate increase on their Pre-Affordable Care Act plans.

How Drug Pricing Actually Works

Drug prices are skyrocketing and there is a complete lack of transparency within the industry. This creates high costs to consumers, increases health insurance premiums and finger pointing in every direction. Congress has passed the Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act and the Know the Lowest Price Act to help combat these high prices. In addition, President Trump is proposing an executive order to create medical transparency and remove the industry's secret negotiations and pricing. We encourage everyone to watch the video below to see how drug pricing actually occurs.

Short Term Limited Duration Plans Extension:

As many of you know, these have been not only a great way to reduce premiums by 50 - 75% of Affordable Care Act plans, but also a hot political debate. President Obama limited them to only 3 months. President Trump extended them to 36 months contingent upon state approval. The state of Iowa allowed 12 month plans for a short time, then limited them back down to 3 months. However, Iowa has now agreed to 36 month plans, and allow them to offer better coverage as well. There are several insurance companies that have filed to offer these plans in Iowa. We are currently waiting for the Iowa Department of Insurance to approve them.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements:

Once eliminated by the Affordable Care Act, these plans allow for employers to provide tax-free reimbursement to employees for health insurance premiums and other health care expenses. US Departments of Health & Human Services, Labor & Treasury issued a new policy allowing for HRAs once again. We will keep you informed of the final rules. For more information "View Here"