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ACA-Alternative plans vrs. Affordable Care Act plans

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ACA-Alternative Plans

Many who do not qualify for tax-credits, or not enough tax-credit, have found the ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans no longer affordable. The ACA-Alternative plans typically offer much lower premiums and out-of-pocket. They are not required to offer the same benefits as the ACA plans so often maternity and mental health are not covered.

Affordable Care Act Plans

Although overall premiums are typically much higher than ACA-Alternative plans, often the customer's portion of the premium can be lower based on the amount of tax-credit an individual receives. There are no pre-existing condition waiting periods, so for those currently receiving extensive treatment or qualify for a significant tax-credit, may find the ACA plans a better option. Please note that Aetna, Wellmark Blue Cross, Cooportunity, Assurant Health and United Health Care have all cancelled their individual ACA plans, and Medica is the only insurance company offering ACA plans in 2018.

We work with top health insurance providers, including but not limited to: National General, Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield, United Health Care and Medica. If you need an Affordable Care Act tax-credit or health insurance coverage in Iowa, contact our Cedar Rapids, IA, office today for a hassle-free, no-obligation quote from Premier Health Insurance.

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